Experimental manipulation after tests using eSALT feedback from students

Personalized pre and post test need to be conducted in the following manner with experimental manipulation:

While giving questions, each student needs to be asked for how easy or difficult the questions are.

Student Feedback for Questions Ease (eSALT):
1) Easy (E)
2) Safe (S)
3) Average (A)
4) Low (L)
5) Trouble (T)

Teachers curation
1) Students making mistakes with Questions tagged Easy, Safe, Average comes under misconceptions which need to be dealt with.
2) Concepts of questions that are tagged with Low and Trouble (it doesn't matter whether student solved it correctly or not) should be explained again to the student. If a student has solved correctly even after tagging it as Low or Trouble than the student need be asked for the cause of trouble along with solving the trouble.

Explaining and clearing doubts can be done in groups in the class as well as in individual level. Grouping can be done based on the overall type of feedback you get from all students.

Spaced Practice
All questions from Average, Low, Trouble, and questions of Easy and Safe that were solved incorrectly by students should be noted down and equivalent questions need to be prepared for spaced practice.
About 30% of equivalent questions from Easy and 50% of equivalent questions from Safe that are solved correctly by the student should also be included in spaced practice.

Personalized learning goals: New information is built over reusing of previous information
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