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Students should be allowed to appear the entrance exam only once, in the same year after pass out from 12th.

If this is done, students would have not to waste their time for years only for preparing the entrance exam.

I have seen many students preparing for 5 to 6 years only to get qualified for medical entrance exam. Is  such an effort required?

We study to apply the knowledge, not to waste time for the entrance exam.

Why every student in India dream to study in IITs and IIMs, and Medical? Why not consider other colleges and universities? Why their condition is not improved? Percentage of  the students which qualify for entrance exam is not even 1%.  So why every student has to dream for IITs.

Here is a sure solution to improve other colleges and universities.

Just make a review team for questions paper that students appear in semester exams. Make the criteria that, they cannot set a question that favours rote learning. The questions should require critical analysis, experimental approach, high order thinking in order to solve them.
If this is done, students can't score marks by just memorizing. They have to analyze and think to solve. If colleges and universities don't improve in their style of education, it will have a tremendous negative impact on the rating of the colleges and universities as a student will not score well.

Please suggest your views, what you are thinking about the idea.
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