How Indian education system is producing parrots?

Please visit the biology questions of CHSE, Odisha. Even though the questions are old, the question pattern is not much different from this year.

So lets, decode these questions. Almost 90% percent of questions are only memory based and very direct.
What is ozone shield?, what is BOD? and blah blah.

So do you think these questions can be answered a parrot, or a simple bot without any intelligence?
I think yes. Just teach each question to parrot for a week, it will able to answer the question.
Even our genius teachers in biology claim that they will give the selected questions, out of which about 70% of questions will come in the exam. So students have only to memorize the answers for a month before the exam and write the answers in the exam.

And this condition is not only for 12th class. It is same at every level of education, whether graduation or post graduation.

The solution:
Before, setting question, the teacher should be clear that what he/she is actually testing. Students understanding of the subject or memory of the student? Does it test the critical thinking skills of the student? Approach to the problem etc.?
Please go through the problems book of the Molecular Biology of Cell. How the questions are set, which allows students to think and answer, rather than just a memory recall.

So, how many parrots has India produced, in these 60 years? You can imagine how much population we have.

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